Our facility, where we carry out Project, Design, software, assembly, testing and commissioning activities in the field of Urban Rail Public Transport System Vehicle Production and Technologies, in a closed area of ​​25.000 m2 and an open area of ​​10.000 m2. has an open area.

R&D Center & Administrative Building
In 2010, Turkey's first Durmazlar by machinery and Rail Systems R & D Center was established. Thanks to Durmazlar's strong infrastructure and disciplined understanding of work, our R&D Center, which has grown in a short time with high performance, does not slow down our future work. In our Administrative Building, our young, dynamic, ambitious and innovative working staff are there to carry today to tomorrow and tomorrow to the future.

Assembly Line
The assembly has different contours for both the bogie and the body. It is the process until a vehicle can be tested in the skeleton state. The assembly line, which is one of the main operating systems of our factory; Within the framework of quality and standards, it has been created with experienced, meticulous, careful personnel working with the value of gaining the trust of people using public transportation.

Test Line
The weight test, static tests and tightness tests of our vehicles coming off the assembly line are carried out in our factory together with our customers. The dynamic tests of our vehicles, which have successfully completed these tests, are carried out in our test track with a length of 1288 meters, Ducted maintenance area, R20, R25, R40, R70, R80 Horizontal Curve and 6% - 8.5% inclination, surrounding the Duray factory within our company.

Shipment & Logistics
Vehicles that successfully complete the tests are shipped to customer-owned facilities under the control of our shipping and logistics department.